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Professionalism in the health system

Tools for organizational development and leading organizational change

תיאטרון פלייבק החבר׳ה מאיכילוב בכנס לרופאי נשים בהמשך למסקנות סקר קרן בריאה

Motivating and leading organizational change

To drive effective organizational change within a system, you should think creatively!

Over the years we have worked in long-term processes with various clients to produce content that will stimulate and drive width changes, which will mature into changes in the reality on the ground. The work focuses on content development . As part of such work we do a process of design thinking - collect insights from the field, create a prototype of a show or tools, get feedback from customers and the field improves and progresses further.

The theatrical tools help to convey the message, deal with the fears of change and the objections to change and enable a dialogue to take place.  In a time of uncertainty. Our creative means in these cases serve as tools for organizational development and leading organizational change.

Several years ago we were partners in a move by the Ministry of Health to improve the patient experience in the health system. In the same project  The training department at the Ministry of Health sent us raw materials of voices from the field - letters of complaint that reached the Ministry of Health from citizens. We collected the materials and processed them into a 20-minute show. After the initial material was produced, we met with the wives of the Joint Rehabilitation Training Department during which we received feedback, enlightenment, additional ideas and corrections. The short play was presented at a conference to 300 health care executives, and was a strong opening to open discussion circles on the question of how to implement the conclusions regarding improving the patients' experience, operatively in the field.


We continued to collaborate in a similar way in the "Ask Me Three" project, for the launch of the move we created a mini-show based on the theoretical materials of the model. We performed with the show on the launch days of the "Ask Me Three" campaign at various hospitals. In addition to the show, we co-produced an instructional video on the subject that was designed and sent to staff at all government hospitals in the country.

We are proud to be part of such an important move in the Israeli health system!

Here are examples of additional projects in which we have integrated our creative tools in favor of driving organizational change. The theatrical instruments dare to touch on deep and complex content in a refreshing and non-threatening way  Which produces an active and effective partnership and learning experience. You can read here about five creative suggestions for using our tools for the benefit of your organizational development. 

Assimilation of findings of a healthy fund - Clalit Health Fund

Assimilation of the conclusions of the "Healthy Foundation" research to improve the patient experience, at conferences of gynecologists at Clalit Health Fund through a tool of lectures - integration of game pieces within a professional lecture on psychogenicology 

Safety in care - Ministry of Health

Game segments are combined with a discussion and professional analysis of case events regarding the mechanical restriction of inpatients at seminars for principals in psychiatric hospitals in the country.  The move was led by the director general of the Ministry of Health in order to reduce the number of conspiracies of inpatients in psychiatric hospitals

Mental health reform - Ministry of Health

Improvisations following discussions and discussions of managers in psychiatric hospitals in the country, in the context of burning issues regarding reform, concerns and dealing with change

Treatment safety - geriatrics

Simulations and improvisation sections in favor of improving safety in the care of the elderly  In geriatric hospitals, Ministry of Health

The journey to healing medicine

As proud partners in the medical health recovery campaign, in the Resilience Project, we appeared at the launch event 

Access to professional models

Creating pre-prepared game pieces, for access to professional models such as a bitter line model (Assuta Hospital), a 'Ask me three' model (Ministry of Health)

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