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Professionalism in the healthcare system

Courses and workshops for healthcare workers

תיאטרון פלייבק החבר׳ה מאיכילוב סדנאות ופיתוח מקצועי

Theater and acting for a professional and human healthcare system 

How do we support the training and professional development of healthcare professionals?

Through a variety of courses and workshops  for healthcare system employees who focus on the core of the action and the human encounter, we aim to serve the needs of your team.  

In a questionnaire we conducted for nurses who participated in playback theater performances, we found out  That 100% of the participants indicated that the ability to share stories from the field and listen to the stories of others was the most significant value they received from the meeting.

A course of  Playback Theater for healthcare professionals  Creates a unique space for healthcare professionals.  

Through the course, participants are sharing and hearing stories from the field, they develop skills of improvisation, listening, teamwork, spontaneity and creativity. This kind of professional development contribute to the resilience of health care workers, and their resilience contributes to the resilience of us all.

In addition to an ongoing course where your staff members can purchase tools from the world of improvisation and playback theater,  we also offer unique  short workshops and courses  for healthcare professionals-

Creative problem solving - a tool whose broader principles are summed up in the design thinking approach. We will teach your team tools for developing innovation and creative solutions that focus on empathy for the human experience

Winning teamwork - principles for winning teamwork from the world of improv

Listen like Joseph Bell-  Developing 360-degree deep listening skills, the therapist-patient and everything in between


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