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Welfare professionalism

Empowering activities for Teens

תיאטרון פלייבק החבר׳ה מאיכילוב עבודה עם בני נוער

Personal development and empowerment for youth

Youth is a special audience! We expect peak engagement or peak indifference, interludes, surprises.

We work together with our clients to provide a platform to hear the voices of teenagers in social- geographical peripheries and at risk.  We work together with social organizations in order to give the youth in Israel empowerment and a new and better horizon.

Tools such as Playback theater performances (improvisation from teen stories), improvisation scenes , courses and workshops ,are an example of activities that emphasize interactivity, fun and creativity. All of these are used as empowerment activities for teens. The theatrical instruments present the daily experiences of the youth, the dilemmas, desires and dreams.  


Through the creative tools, teens find a channel to express themselves in an authentic and non threatening way.

The tools of Playback Theater and improvisation are particularly successful as empowerment activities for youth in several ways - as a tool for expressing authentic voices from the field, as a tool for dealing with educational challenges and as a tool to assist youth leadership.

Get inspired by examples of our work with clients who serve teens across the country.

Examples from the field

Pethon Lev Association

Playback and improvisation theater workshops for at-risk youth as part of a special festive activity

 Shiur Aher Association

Playback workshop to summarize the activity at the end of the year. In cooperation with and financing of Adama company

Fidel Association

A playback theater show for a club for Ethiopian children in Lod

Lod Municipality Education Department

A course in playback theater for at-risk youth. Playback theater show for youth

Kesher organization

A  Playback Theater course for siblings of children with special needs

Taglit Project

Roots program - a playback show workshop for program participants

Bnei Dror High School Literature Major

Adolescence in Literature and Life - A play and workshops by the Playback Theater in a learning summary event

HILA Project

A playback theater show and structured scenes as part of the project's graduation event

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