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Our social project

Big Wednesday Venture

Contributing to the Community
Big Wednesday

On the venture

As part of our work over the years, we have encountered people who live in restrictive living circumstances and are unable to physically attend cultural and creative events. Populations whose voices are not heard.

From this pain we decided to create a social enterprise called 'Big Wednesday'. In this project, which is all a contribution to the community - we donate playback theater performances voluntarily to people in restrictive living circumstances. Adolescents, women, men and the elderly in situations of risk, loneliness, illness and crisis .


In the "Big Wednesday" project, we go out to them, to the field. On the first Wednesday of each month, we perform voluntarily before these audiences. A full team of conductor, actors and musician goes out into the field and gives a full-length playback theater show . We aim to create an exciting and creative experience for members of the audience. We listen to their life stories and present them on stage. We aim for empathic listening and stage creation that provides an extra angle and a strengthening experience.

The audience members gets to be heroes for a moment on the stage , they get moments of laughter and excitement, and an experience of togetherness and empowerment.


How can you help this project ???

If you know an audience that meets the criteria, and you think it is important that they win the show, we will be happy to accept your suggestions and examine if they fit to the project. Apply for a performance below.

In addition - we will be happy for a financial donation or other donations such as - still photography or video, a platform to share the project or volunteer hours for coordination and documentation. All your donations will be welcomed and appreciated and will help us  Develop and expand the project.

Volunteer playback theater performances  A creative social enterprise

תיאטרון פלייבק החבר׳ה מאיכילוב מיזם יום רביעי הגדול

So what exactly is "Big Wednesday?"

Big Wednesday is a volunteer project run by the Ichilov Ensmble Playback Theater NPO  Operating since 2014. The project includes voluntary playback theater performances every first Wednesday of each month.  

How It Works?

Individuals or organizations apply to us to donate a show by filling out this form . The form is short and includes a number of focused and relevant questions. We review applications and return to the relevant applicants.

We select the beneficiaries of the project according to a number of criteria. The three most significant criteria are- a) This is a population in restrictive living circumstances. That is, one that does not have the financial or physical ability to independently reach the institutions of theater and culture. B) The applicant body does not have the ability to finance a regular playback theater show. C) It is possible to coordinate the show for the first Wednesday of the month, and there are basic appropriate conditions for the show - a suitable room, amplification if necessary and a relevant contact for coordination and communication.

What happens during the show?

During the show we arrive at the venue with 3-5 staff members. We get organized and invite the crowd. We are holding a full playback theater show . During the show we listen to the stories of the audience members. We can also communicate through alternative means of communication if necessary. Once we listen to the story we improvise it on stage. Our goal as in any show is to return a gift to the teller through creative work. In this way we are able to hear a number of audience members and reflect on their life experiences. Audience members get to watch their story displayed on stage. Such an experience empowers and reinforces the experience of the presence and meaning of existence in the world.

Where have you already performed in this project?

We have appeared before dozens of different populations, including people with mental illness in the community, groups of at-risk youth, mothers of recovering children, hospitalized people with head injuries, elderly in isolation, terminally ill patients, clubs for people with special needs and more.

Sounds important! How can I help the project?

There are several channels through which you can support the project:

A- Financial donation- Such a donation will allow us to expand the project and increase the amount of shows we can donate. We can add more playback players, do volunteer training and develop an operation to expand the project. In this way we will be able to reach more people who will have a voice and a place to tell their story. Want to help us with a financial contribution to the venture? Click here to send an email and we will get back to you.  

B-In donating time - if you have the opportunity to accompany us to the show and film it, if you have the opportunity to donate time to edit videos from the show, if you have the opportunity to donate time and write a post following watching the show all these can be a wonderful contribution to marketing the venture. Want to help us with a time donation? Click here to send an email and we will get back to you.

C - Contribution to help with exposure - if you have channels through which we can distribute the project and expose it to more audiences, this will help us reach more audiences and more donors. Want to help us and contribute to the exposure of the project? Click here to send an email .

Over the years we have been privileged to provide intimate volunteer shows to more than 1,400 people living in restrictive living circumstances

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