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Professionalism in education

Courses and workshops for educators

קורסים וסדנאות לאנשי חינוך החבר׳ה מאיכילוב

Theater and acting for a professional and human education system

How do we support the training and professional development of educators ??

Through a variety of courses and workshops for educators that focus on the core of educational endeavor we aim to serve the needs of your staff. grinding? Forget it - let your team rediscover spontaneity and creativity at work!

The association's general manager - Einat Mashal Nitzan - developed the course 'Dilemmas in the work of the educator through the tools of the Playback Theater'. The course that ran for several years in the excellent program at Beit Berl College was a huge success, so much so that the students fought and took the initiative to turn the semester course into an annual course - and so it was!


In addition to an ongoing course where your staff members will be able to acquire tools from the world of improvisation and playback theater, develop their abilities in standing in front of a classroom, deepen their listening and develop spontaneity and creativity, we also offer unique workshops and courses  For educators-

Creative problem solving - a tool whose broader principles are summed up in the design thinking approach. We will teach your team tools for developing innovation and creative solutions that focus on empathy for the human experience.

Winning teamwork - principles for winning teamwork through effective exercises and tools from the world of improvisation.

Standing in front of an audience - the teachers are the busiest players! Every day they have about six hours of stage time!  When was the last time you gave your team tools to stand on stage? We use tools from the world of acting and improvisation to make every educator realize his or her potential  And intensify his stage presence!  

We are registered suppliers of the Teachers Association and the Professional Development Foundation

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