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Professionalism in education

Playback theater performances

מופע תיאטרון פלייבק החבר׳ה מאיכילוב

Playback theater performances as a tool for team development

Educators work all day with stories! Lots of stories! Stories about encounters with students, stories about dilemmas in working with parents, stories about professional identity, stories about boundaries and authority, stories about teamwork, stories about expectations for the new year, stories about summarizing a year.

What do you do with all these stories? How are they used to professionally develop team members, strengthen team spirit and connect together through a creative and community experience?


One of the great tools for this purpose is a playback theater show !

What happens at shows for educators? It starts with a phone call during which you tell us about your team and the purpose of the event, we decide together what the theme of the show will be, and off we go!

We send you a team of musicians and a presenter. The team listens to your team stories on the chosen topic and improvises based on the stories that arise. Improvisation is designed to respect the story and allow it to be viewed from new perspectives.


In a playback theater show , the audience is active and is a full partner in the unique and one-time show we create together. The event at the heart of which the dialogue between the participants the stories and the stage is an engine for creating a formation and a sense of community in the team.

Playback theater is a flexible and effective tool that can be devoted to a variety of purposes.  A playback theater show can focus on any relevant professional topic, for example - dilemmas in the educator's work, class boundaries, working with parents, professional identity, year summary, orientation towards a new year, building an educational vision, dealing with burnout, responses to crisis or end event and more.

Many times customers choose to combine with the playback theater show additional tools such as  Improvisation from discussion circles , simulations , content development or workshop.  In this way, we spend longer creative time with you and the team, get to know each other more deeply, and work with the subject in a broad and meaningful way.  Moreover, in working through courses or workshops for the staff members themselves there is room to step out of the comfort zone, concentrate on new creative tools and get on stage!

Here are some examples from hundreds of performances for education teams we have held over the years, Tasting Inspiration!

תיאטרון פלייבק ואלתור ככלי לפיתוח מקצועי
תכנית 19246

כל הכיתה במה
עמידה מול קהל לצוותי הוראה
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Professional training and team development

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