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Playback Theater The guys from Ichilov

About the association

תיאטרון פלייבק החבר׳ה מאיכילוב


The Playback Theater Group "The Guys from Ichilov"

The group was founded in 2003  And developed into one of the most professional and leading bands in the country.

The group consists of 15 actors and musicians - playback theater artists, facilitators and creators.  

The origin of the special name is in the band's mythological rehearsal room, which was located in the Ichilov Hospital complex.

Over the years, the group has become a registered non-profit organization that has regretted its use of playback theater as a tool for creating dialogue, empowerment and community action.

Our goals

A. Improving the professionalism of educators, therapists and medicine through tools of theater and improvisation  

B. Promoting underprivileged populations

third. Development of the field of playback theater in Israel and around the world

Our social impact in numbers

Since the association was founded, we have been privileged to take part in the training and professional development of:











Health system workers  





Therapists and community members


People in restrictive living circumstances won an intimate volunteer show as part of the Big Wednesday venture


Graduates completed courses at the association's playback theater


In addition to classic playback shows , we also offer shows of improvisations , simulations , custom-built shows for a client from specific pre-delivered materials-  Content development , design thinking processes , tools for developing creativity , workshops and personal accompaniment for standing in front of an audience , a combination of forum theater, workshops and professional courses in improvisation and playback theater.

We listen to the customer's needs and the goals of the event and together we choose the most appropriate tool for achieving the goals.  

We choose a tool that will give the maximum added value. We do not consider our work as 'decoration' but  

As having the power to profoundly and positively influence the participants' experience, their learning process, the quality of the discussion and its outcomes. We know that the impact of work does not end when we leave an event, it continues to resonate and affect reality even long after.  

What do we believe in?

The guys believe that theater is a powerful and fun tool for improving society in Israel

The guys put the respect for the person and the story at the center

At Guys, we believe in flexibility, creativity and innovation

The guys believe in learning and growth

The guys teach playback theater with soul and professionalism

At Guys, we love long-term relationships with our customers

The guys' customers share a vision for a better Israeli company


Members of the Executive Committee and Audit Committee

Alex Maliev - Chairman of the Board

Bruce Oppenheimer - Member of the Board of Directors

  Buki Kimchi - Member of the Board of Directors

Ilail Amir Kasif - Member of the Board of Directors

Noa Yotzer - Member of the Audit Committee

Orly Even Gold - Member of the Audit Committee

Among our clients - the National School for the Training of Welfare Workers Dimol, the Ministry of Health, Assuta, MTS Ichilov, the Association for Children at Risk, Clalit Health Fund, Lotan Association, Beit Eckstein, Adam and Medicine Hadassah Ein Kerem, Sheinborn School of Nursing, Mandel Institute, Center for Assistance to Victims of Sexual Assault, Contact Organization, Beit Noam, Institute for Democratic Education, Seal Program, inql, Derech Kfar-Yamin Orad Institute, Goshen Association, Nesher Welfare Department, BMS, Tamar Regional Council, Maccabi Health Services , The Jerusalem Center for Mental Health, Matayot, Kibbutzim Seminary College, Beit Berl College, Ashkelon Academic College, Zichron Yaacov Pelech School, Ahuzat Rishonim, International, Herzliya Knesset Preparatory School, Prime Minister's Office, Vahadrat Project Leshuva Association, Nirim Association, Azrieli Foundation

And many more good ones!

Registered suppliers - Teachers' Association, Ministry of Defense.


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