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Stage open to your stories

Successful standing in front of an audience

How It Works?

You have a goal: you want to deliver a fascinating presentation, you want the audience to feel involved, to be attentive to your story, to evoke caring and a desire to act. Along the way you have to overcome stage fright, the curse of knowledge, the conflicting messages and sometimes your attitude towards the event. Sometimes you will want to strengthen one of your team members or the entire team in their skills in standing in front of an audience.

We have the tool: successful standing in front of an audience. Standing workshop in front of an audience or personal accompaniment for standing in front of an audience. We draw our knowledge from tools from the world of acting, from years of standing and improvising in front of an audience and from years of feedback and learning about stage presence. We will work on content, presentation, body language, voice, presence and building interactivity with the audience. We will work on the purpose of the presentation and finding meaning in doing. We are focused on creating an interactive and effective human encounter, with an emphasis on enjoyment and growth within the process!

Escort to stand in front of an audience can take place both as a series of workshops for the staff and as a sequence of meetings of personal accompaniment of one of the employees prior to the presentation.

The process is suitable for both a regular presentation and a lecture in a virtual meeting . Each one and its emphases.



עמידה מול קהל סדנא

standing infront of crowd

So what will you learn in our workshops and personal accompaniment to standing in front of an audience?

A clear definition of the purpose of the presentation


Body language awareness and unconscious messages


Contact the audience 


Build a visually correct presentation


A combination of tools from the world of storytelling


Preparation for the moment before the presentation


dress rehearsal


Quote from customer

"Thank you! I'm in the clouds! I finished the presentation in an innovation course in medicine and it was wonderful! I enjoyed, felt the audience and the lecturer noted to praise my work! Thank you! I have come a long and meaningful way with you in our three meetings together! Thanks to the moderator and thanks to the players who joined the general rehearsal! '

Vika - Nurse in charge of the emergency room at Shaare Zedek Hospital


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