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Stage open to your stories

Content development - a tailor-made show

How It Works?

You have a goal: you want to convey a vital message, a professional model, organizational change, you want to give clear and effective guidance.

We have the tool: Content-Show-Custom Content Development. We take your theoretical content and turn it into a mini-show that is tailored exactly to your needs and based on your materials. Not another show that is about or near, but one that is really accurate and effective for you. We work with you in joint rehearsals to pinpoint the materials and the joint creation.


Our gift is a short show that is tailor-made for you, touches the heart of the matter and leads to an in-depth discussion for internalization and creating change.


פיתוח תוכן תיאטרון פלייבק החבר׳ה מאיכילוב

Content development - a show tailored especially for you

Content development at the Retirement Event Institute for Marine and Lake Research

There are events that require something different. Special treatment.

You have significant academic material that on the face of it seems that may bore the audience. You have a very important theoretical professional model and you want employees to internalize it. You have an explosive topic and you do not know how to bring it up for discussion with your audience. These are some examples of situations where we are mainly involved in content development.


Our content development work includes interviews, reading theoretical material and sometimes even preliminary tours. We process all these materials for you into a mini-show - a short show of about 20 minutes that is tailor-made for your topic.


This unique show, customers tend to incorporate in seminars and seminars. The theatrical way in which the content is presented in an exciting and funny theatrical way, involves the audience and jumps any discussion or discourse one step further.

Content development for the Dahan Center - filming scenes for the day of departure and deportation of Jews from Arab countries

The process of content development is a creative process. We start with a variety of ideas that we come up with together, continue to a rehearsal where we try out all of these ideas in practice, play and change. At this point, customers join another rehearsal in which we present the materials, and receive feedback and enlightenment. We are repairing and advancing to the final version.  


We have created such content development for example for the Ministry of Justice on the subject - "The new supervision policy for guardians", for the Ministry of Health on projects on the subject - "Patient experience", "Ask me three", with Assuta on the subject "Bitter news", with Clalit HMO on the subject " Psychogenicology ", with the Give Back Association" Voices of the Beneficiaries "and more ..


In the Corona period, we included all our tools and today they are all adapted for a virtual encounter .

Here are some examples from the field 

Examples from selected projects

Patient experience - Ministry of Health

A mini-show that we created in collaboration with the Ministry of Health based on civil complaints - the show came up at a conference of hospital directors and department heads and was an opening to discussion circles on improving the patient experience

Bitter news - Assuta Hospital

A mini-show we created in collaboration with Assuta Hospital based on a professional model on the subject - the show came up as part of a seminar held at Assuta Hospital on the subject in a bitter line, after the show we continued to the Playback Theater - improvisation from the audience stories on the subject

Development of educational leadership - Mandel Institute

A mini-show we created in collaboration with students at the Mandel Institute in a course for educational leadership for commanders  In the IDF  On the subject of "the right to express an opinion in the IDF" - the show took place as part of the Bimat Mendel event 

Dealing with alcohol and drug use in teens

A mini-show that we created in collaboration with the Department of Education and KBS in Kfar Vradim on the subject of "Parental dilemmas versus alcohol and drug use" - the show came up as part of the Kfar Vradim Education Conference and was an opening for discussion circles on the subject

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