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Professionalism in education

Improvisation sections and content development for advanced training and seminars

תיאטרון פלייבק החבר׳ה מאיכילוב קטעי אלתור ומשחק

Improvisation and acting segments for advanced training

Our clients ask us to participate in seminars, seminars and conferences in the field of education through game pieces and improvisation.


Improvisation passages are passages that are combined on the day of the seminar as a way to summarize discussion circles, as a way to stimulate the audience between one frontal lecture and another and as a way to deepen the discussion. The improvisational passages that respond to programs, projects or educational vision, produce effective learning and elevate the interest and involvement of the audience

Sometimes the show takes place in a circle - the players participate in the conversation circle in the big forum, and at certain points during the conversation they enter the center of the circle and react immediately to the content and process. The passages liven up the discussion, open it to new perspectives, and produce a creative and in-depth discourse.  

Game segments are segments that we prepare in advance in collaboration with our clients. In the process of content development.  The game pieces may open up a discussion on the subject in a stimulating way that engages the audience and creates an in-depth and resonant experience.

Pre-made game pieces can be integrated within an expert panel or between lectures as a way to deepen the messages, or to dare to touch deeper and more complex content in a non-threatening way. Similar to the use of killings , here too the game segments produce an active and effective learning experience and keep your audience awake involved and fresh.

Here are some examples of improvisation and play segments for advanced training and seminars from fieldwork as inspiration

Educational entrepreneurship

Educational project days - improvisation sections in response  To present the projects, improvisation clips in response to the content that came up in the summary of 'moments from the entrepreneurial journey'. The days were held in collaboration with inql, the Foundation for the Encouragement of Educational Initiatives and the Division for Professional Development in the Ministry of Education

Team communication  parents

Built-in game segments prepared in advance with the cooperation of the customers on the subject - short in the media  Between the educational staff and parents.  The game pieces created an inspiring starting point for the evening  Joint discussion circles of teachers and parents on creating optimal communication. The show was held in collaboration with Lev Hasharon parent leadership

Project-oriented learning

Improvisation segments Following discussion circles and discussions of principals and teachers from Holon in the field of project-focused learning, the event was held in collaboration with the Institute for Democratic Education

Team development

Improvisation from discussion circles and discussion of staff in youth villages throughout the country as part of advanced training led by the Education Institute through a village. During this work we meet with hundreds of wonderful educators from different places in the country, including ORT Merom Acre, Manof Boarding School, Neve Amiel Boarding School, Talpiot Boarding School, ORT Shapira Tel Aviv, Hadassah Youth, Wizo Nahalal Youth Village

Initiating organizational change

Partnership in the process of building an educational-local vision Binyamina Givat Ada in collaboration with inql, improvisation from discussion circles of staff and students for climate improvement at Neve Amiel boarding school, summary of conference contents Friends of Forest Education  Through improvisational footage

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