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Design thinking and creativity development

How It Works?

You have a goal: you want to drive a process of entrepreneurship and innovation in your organization, you want to find the right challenge, explore your customer experience, do effective brainstorming, choose some new ideas, and move forward with them! You want to create some quick and cheap prototypes, get feedback on them and go back and choose which ones you will implement in the field. You want people to lead this process or you want to teach your team the tools of innovation and creativity and have them take it further!  

We have the tool: a process of entrepreneurship and innovation done under our leadership and collaboration with you or an entrepreneurship and innovation course that gives tools to your employees. How are design thinking and creativity development related to improvisation? It turns out that many of the tools we work with improvisation are the same tools that are so essential in creative processes like the ability to know and work with the inner censor, the ability to say yes to the ideas of others, the courage to execute ideas quickly and easily, the ability to tell the story and more ...

Our innovative idea is the application of the tool of improvisation and acting into processes of design thinking entrepreneurship and innovation. In this way, the principles are learned and applied while having a playful spirit that leads to creative and effective work!  



חשיבה עיצובית ופיתוח יצירתיות תיאטרון פלייבק החבר׳ה מאיכילוב

Design thinking and creative problem solving

Quote from customer

"It was a fascinating course, enriching and opening the mind to new directions of thinking. Helps to develop creativity and think outside the box.  The course led me to find and approach the realization of a venture that could bring about the change I always thought needed to happen. The course gave me the push to do. Huge thanks".

Student in an entrepreneurship and innovation course in the world of therapy  

In the process of design thinking, we work together in one of two ways:

A) We come and guide your team through a series of meetings or intensive days. During the sessions we provide the team with the tools of design thinking and creative problem solving, we guide the team in the implementation of the process in the field. We give them tools for choosing the challenge, for the inspiration and research phase, for the concept phase, and for the development of the prototype. Our facilitator leads your team.

B) We come as a team and in fact we do most of the work on all its stages. We collaborate with your small team at several points within the process. In the process we make a number of moves

* Defining the challenge - we define the challenge together with you. What is the main question you want to solve? What is your challenge? We will refine the question with you and teach you tips on how to define the challenge effectively.

* Inspiration phase - We dive into the research work by tracking your customer journey, talking to satisfied and disappointed employees and customers, looking at related areas and other sources of inspiration. At the end of the process we present to you the insights that have arisen creatively.

* Brainstorming phase - In this phase we will work together in a session of joint brainstorming. We will teach you the six rules for effective brainstorming and practice them. During the session we will come up with as many innovative and wild ideas as possible and from there we will gather and select some leading ideas.

* Prototype construction phase - In this phase we will create a quick and cheap initial prototype for the selected ideas. The idea here is to take the idea to the tangible dimension. We will present it to you and we will receive feedback and proceed to further work, return and repairs.

* Summary stage - At this stage, at the end of the process, we will present you with the final prototypes and you will choose which ones you will assimilate in the field.


In each of the two ways we emphasize a positive atmosphere, building a creative climate and using tools and exercises from the world of improvisation and playback theater to create interactive work, based on empathy for the personal experience.

In the Corona period, we included all our tools and today they are all adapted for a virtual encounter .

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