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 Creative virtual meeting

How It Works?

You have a goal: you want to have a virtual meeting for the team - a formation meeting, a meeting of training and professional development or a meeting that drives organizational change, and you want something more. You want a creative, refreshing, different, interactive meeting - one that will do the job and you will receive compliments on it!  

We have the tool: an online show-virtual meeting. Playback theater performances, online simulations, improvisation from discussion circles and discussions, pre-prepared excerpts, virtual workshops, videos and more. The tools are built in collaboration with you, according to the goals of the event and the audience. We are focused on creating an interactive, emotional, meaningful and effective human encounter.  


מפגש וירטואלי תיאטרון פלייבק החבר׳ה מאיכילוב

Virtual meeting

Examples from selected projects

In the advanced training at Zoom that took place for nursing students and included a playback theater show and simulations on dealing with violence in the health system, we came to the conclusion of the day. At the end of three hours of an interactive and engaging virtual session, there are a few minutes left to hear the students' summary responses. The chat was thankful and one of the students asked to speak. 'At the beginning of the day, I did not understand what was going to happen and did not believe for a moment that a theater experience could take place in a zoom session. You fascinated me for three hours. I laughed and cried, and work made me think about myself and work. Thank you!"

An online show produces a meaningful virtual encounter. It's not like a regular show - it's something else, and when we understand it, the magic works.


An online show can take place in a number of ways - take a look at the attached video (minute!) And see examples.

Sometimes both the actors and each of the audience members connect to a common zoom room, each from his own home.

Sometimes the audience members are in one space and watch on a big screen the work of the actors who are on different screens.

Sometimes, we come to a hall that includes a green cloth, sound and a quality camera, and hold a regular show that is simply broadcast live to viewers who are in their offices or homes, and we communicate with them through the chosen platform (zoom microsoft teams, etc.).

We learned from the Corona that through virtual encounters, the world becomes small, and all the boundaries of geography disappear. So what interactive and special online show do you want to put on?

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