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Welfare professionalism

Raising awareness, Promoting social campaign

תיאטרון פלייבק החבר׳ה מאיכילוב עמותות וארגונים חברתיים

Raising awareness,  Promoting social campaign, Working with the public

We choose to work with associations and social organizations that we value their work and support their goals. Our theatrical tools - playback theater performances , improvisation segments , simulations and content development processes, assisting nonprofits in a number of ways. Creative endeavors help to expand the social impact of social bodies, support the work of volunteers, bring public events to life, make endeavors and services accessible to wider audiences and multiply good in the world.  

The association's ability to communicate with the public in a creative and interactive way helps to raise awareness of the association's activities and often helps it to raise resources.  

The choice of a third-sector organization to create creative and interactive events allows it to reach its beneficiary public or its supportive public and bring about change.

Here are some examples from our work in the field

Yad Sarah

Playback theater performances for caregivers in the community -

Haifa and the North Assistance Center

Playback theater performances, presentations and simulations at seminars on the prevention of sexual harassment in the workplace

The journey to healing medicine

We are proud to be a part of the medical recovery movement. As part of our partnership, we gave a playback theater show on the eve of the movement's launch

Nesher Welfare Department

Exposure event for a new service to support family members caring for a senior citizen

Refua Shlema Association

Playback theater performance at the annual conference for the association's volunteers

Lasova Association

Playback theater performances for the homeless in Tel Aviv, playback theater performances for clubs for at-risk youth in Petah Tikva and Ramla

Give Back Association

A combination of monologues we created based on interviews with the association's beneficiaries,  During the evening of the exposure of the association's activities

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