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Professional Development and promotion of social activity

תיאטרון פלייבק החבר׳ה מאיכילוב פיתוח מקצועי

Welfare people, caregivers, community workers are often on the most complex front, dealing with the most difficult cases and the most challenging life circumstances of individuals and families in Israel. They are the first line.

Members of social organizations face the task of bringing about beneficial and meaningful social change. Sometimes this task has costs such as burnout, emotional overload, fatigue. In such cases, improvisational and playful work that allows space for stories and dilemmas, that deepens the connection between the team members and stimulates the creative springs is exactly the answer. We specialize in the use of creative tools for the benefit of professional development and the promotion of social activity in the areas of welfare and the third sector.

Through tools of playback theater performancesSimulations , content development , workshops and courses , improvisation segments and theatrical lectures , we support the resilience of caregivers and employees, take part in team development and professional development of caregivers and welfare professionals, promote processes of design thinking and creative problem solving and promote the activities of social organizations that create better society.


Our creative work, whether it is through playback shows, creative thinking, simulation workshops or content development, is always geared towards your goals. A social organization has a number of goals some internal and some external. Here are some of the different applications of our tools for the benefit of developing your organization-

Playback theater performance - can be used as:

* A space for airing dilemmas and professional questions of the association's employees and managers

* A space for venting conflicts and objections that arise naturally in any process of organizational change and       development

* Space to build a shared vision

* Space for building the organization's story

* A space for gathering insights regarding the customer journey or the beneficiaries' journey 

Improvisation scenes can be used for:

* Initiating discussions and in-depth processes - for example, opening with an improvisation section that touches on the heart of the discussion on the topic at hand

* Creating a different experience and emotional connection to an internal process 

* Gathering and acting content from discourse circles 

* Flooding different or sensitive perspectives that are difficult to talk about or might provoke opposition

Content development process can be used for:

* Assimilation of models and theoretical ideas and rising the motivation of these processes

* Listening to authentic voices of employees or beneficiaries of the social organization

* Improving service

* Raising awareness of issues that are at the heart of what is happening in the organization

Simulation days can be used as a tool for:

* Managers Development  - practice dealing with complex conversations, conducting meetings, conducting interviews, managing conflicts and more

* Service Development  - practice conversation with beneficiaries and customers

* Practice and develop weak areas in functioning such as empathy, assertiveness and more

* The simulations can take place in an individual format or in a group format

Workshops and courses in the fields of playback theater, improvisation, listening, creativity and design thinking can help the organization's employees in the fields of

* Development of personal and team creativity

* Development of innovation and entrepreneurship processes (design thinking)

* Developing skills of public speaking 

* Development of listening and leadership skills

Each of the tools is selected and tuned according to your needs and goals, after a joint conversation. 

What are your goals ?? Talk to us!

We love long-term relationships with our customers, and share with them a vision and a common mission: to develop a more humane, more tolerant and more egalitarian Israeli society. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Over the years we have taken part in the training and professional development of over 5,200 therapists and community workers

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