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Photos from the field

Playback Theater The guys from Ichilov

A playback theater show like any improvisational show is a live and one-time event. Everyone present at the event is part of the work - audience, actors, presenter and musician. So what does it look like? Here are some photos from the field! Among other things, you will find photos from various events we have held over the years - various playback theater performances , simulation days at MTS Ichilov , photos from the set of the training video "Ask me three" that we opened and produced with the Ministry of Health. Clalit through performances in the field of psychogenicology, the National Playback Theater Festival "The Silent Voices", Jam Playback, playback shows open to the general public, online playback rehearsal, virtual show , performances as part of our social project "Big Wednesday" (volunteer playback shows for people in circumstances Restrictions),  Various playback workshops​ , Improvisation from discourse circles  And more ...

Curious? Undecided? Want to hear more? Want to consult? Contact us. We will be happy to talk to you! We know how to work with your stories! Let's find out what your need is and how we can meet it. Let's find out what special, interactive and creative events we can build together! Let's create the following pictures together!

How do you do that?

Many times at the end of a show, a recurring event occurs. As we fold the fabrics, and organize the stage, some excited audience members approach us with one question, "How do you do that?" The secret lies mainly in years of work on developing skills of deep listening with all the senses, developing the ability to be in the "here and now" and developing the essential skill of knowing how to say "yes for fun" to the ideas of others. If you too have seen the work and marveled .. you will know! It seems like magic, though  You can learn it and we will be happy to teach you!

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