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Professionalism in the healthcare system

 Medical simulations as a tool for professional development

סימולציות רפואיות תיאטרון פלייבק החבר׳ה מאיכילוב

Simulations for healthcare workers

Medical simulations

Medical simulations are fantastic tool for the practice and training of professional teams. Simulations allow practice in a safe atmosphere. The idea is to learn from mistakes, develop as a team and enrich the professional toolbox.  

When we play - we do not talk, we act. The action turns the experience into effective learning.

Our players are skilled in improvisation and committed to the goal of your professional growth and therefore can, as needed, also create a simulation on the spot to enhance the learning. 

Our work is based on the aapproach of Growth Mindset - a perception based on the insight that talent is not a constant, and any ability can be developed to a degree of art by learning from mistakes and learning from experiences. In this way we perceive medical simulations as a tool for professional development. 

Individual simulations

Individual medical simulations

Through the tool of individual simulations we enable professionals and students to practice key issues related to communication with patients. Individual simulations are used as part of training or as part of entrance/final exams  of professional courses.  

Our actors are skilled at improvisation, they respond and allow each scene to evolve according to the communication that takes place in the here and now with the practitioner. Our players are focused on the growth process of your professionals.  They will give your practitioners constructive and respectful feedback that will serve the learning process.

We are the exclusive suppliers of the new simulation center in Ichilov - MTS for simulations focused on interpersonal communication, and we also accompany the Human and Medicine course at Hadassah Ein Kerem for many years in the final exams of the course.

Group simulations

Group medical simulations

Over the years, we have developed a unique model for simulation work in a group, called CSAATR-  Abbreviations for climate, simulation, acting, analysis, team, repetition.

Climate - We create a creative climate both during the construction of the scenes with the client and during the simulations themselves, the emphasis is  On collaborative inspiration and mutual learning.

Simulation-  We build the simulations in collaboration with you and in accordance with the professional focus of the practice. We define for each scenario a specific and clear goal for practice.

Acting - Practitioners take the stage and play the scene with the actors.

Analysis - At the end of the simulation, the practitioner, the actors, the spectators, the facilitator and the responsible professional share the thoughts, feelings and insights that arose during the work. Emphasis - identifying strengths.  

Team- We build a team. We want to create a minimization of the competition dimension - we are not looking for the outstanding practitioner but for the group effort and creativity in dealing with the challenge.  

Repetition- At the end of the analysis, we play again the scene that begins in exactly the same way, this time with a new practitioner. We strive to watch a wide range of solutions - creative problem solving in action. You can select how many times you play with the same scene.

If required, our actors, who are skilled in improvisation, will improvise a new scene on the spot according to a burning need that arises from the field.

At the end of the simulation unit, and in collaboration with the professionals, we make a summary and collect the practical and conceptual learning that took place in the session.

In the training of nurses in the Scheinborn School of Nursing, we have been working for many years with group simulations as part different courses, processing subjects like dealing with violence in the medical field and more.

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