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Stage open to your stories

Workshops and courses as a tool for professional development, team development and organizational change

How It Works?

You have a goal: you want to develop your team members and feed them with quality content that will lead to more quality and effective functioning. You want to develop leadership, creativity and innovation, listening and everything in a way that develops the formation and sense of community in the team.

We have the tool: workshops and courses as a tool for professional development, team development and organizational change. Our facilitators learn from you about the needs of the staff and create a workshop or course as a sequence of several sessions. In the meetings, your team members are refreshed and develop skills of listening, leadership, teamwork, creativity and standing in front of an audience.

Our gift to you is an effective, focused work that lifts the air and energy in the team to a new level.


סדנאות וקורסים תיאטרון פלייבק החבר׳ה מאיכילוב

Workshops and courses

Sample workshops and courses

Improvisation workshop

standing infront of crowd

Playback Theater


Freestyle workshop

Design thinking

Creative troubleshooting


If you want to offer employees in your organization or your team a slightly different experience, ​ An experience that will take them out of their comfort zone, an experience that will awaken freshness and creativity in them, an experience that will strengthen their effectiveness and an experience that will develop a cohesive and strong team - you have come to the right place!

Through workshops and courses for private companies, social organizations and public bodies, we integrate in the professional and personal development of your employees and staff.


Our team of instructors / lecturers is skilled in teaching and leading groups and workshops. The facilitators come with a background of over 15 years of work in the fields of playback theater, acting and improvisation. In a preliminary conversation with you, we will specify the goals and build the course in the most accurate and appropriate way for your audience.

In the Corona period, we included our tools and today they are all also adapted for a virtual encounter .

Here's a look at some of the workshops and courses we'll be happy to offer you

Listening - the next generation

A workshop that combines acting and improvisation exercises and develops listening and communication skills, an excellent workshop that promotes employees and managers alike. Deep listening is at the core of an excellent service experience, at the core of excellent management and at the core of any process of innovation that is focused on the customer journey. Let's get practical tools for listening differently.

standing infront of crowd

A single workshop or course that develops skills of standing in front of an audience, through improvisation exercises and stage presence. Practice and acquire practical tools to reduce stress and upgrade your next performance in front of an audience. In front of an audience, we will deal with body language, performance, concrete, the purpose of the presentation, the visibility of the presentation and more. 

Creative troubleshooting

A single workshop or course that focuses on the tools of creative problem solving and practice from the concept of design thinking and more, did you think you know how to do brainstorming? Think again! During a long course, the teams will choose a challenge, research it, brainstorm, and choose one idea with which to proceed to create a prototype.

Creative management

A single workshop or course that focuses on developing practical tools for other leadership ,. Creative management takes play as part of the job and strives to develop creative and innovative teams. In creative management your managers will learn how to pardon, how to develop a creative climate, how to say yes to the ideas of others and more ...

​Key question

A 10-session course  For the team - During the course the employees learn tools of improvisation and playback theater, share contemporary dilemmas from the field, and develop a strong and positive team spirit. Sharing on a weekly basis enables ventilation and effectiveness at work, develops spontaneity and the ability to stand in front of an audience and produces a supportive and cohesive team. 

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