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Playback Theater The guys from Ichilov

Open up a stage for your story

תיאטרון פלייבק החבר׳ה מאיכילוב

Development of managers with a creative and experiential emphasis

Our executive development processes are always experiential and creative and combine theory and practice.

The process will begin with a characterization meeting, and building an accurate plan according to the needs, goals and nature of the organization.

Among the various contents you will find topics such as - developing professional identity, building a vision, dealing with conflicts, tools for developing and forming a team, tools for developing human capital, tools for developing a creative environment and developing skills of standing in front of an audience

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"To the team of guys from Ichilov! Huge thanks for the prompt and accurate show to the City Executive team. You brought a light breeze and healthy laughter to the meaningful experiences we had. The professional game segments helped us reflect on the experiences as well as the sensitive fads that came up with ease and enjoyment. Thanks for everything you guys are great !! Many thanks also to the lovely Tal for the professional advice and service devoted to the last detail, so that everything will be perfect, as it really was! "


Liat Shachar - Harish Municipality

'Thank you for a simply wonderful performance to the directors of social organizations! We had an exciting, funny, stimulating, painful and wonderful and all at the same time! I've seen a lot of playback shows already and this was the best of them!

Limor Rubin - Director of the Israeli Office - The Honey Foundation For Israel

"Witty, charming, intelligent - equal equal equal"


Dina Moscow - A show for the Kendago management team


Why with us?

Specialize in welfare work in health and education
Committed to creative and effective fun work
Development of managers and team building in a relaxed atmosphere
Experience of over 18 years
Combining additional tools from the world of improvisation and acting
Caring and dedicated service

About Us

תיאטרון פלייבק החבר׳ה מאיכילוב

Who we are?

The Ichilov Guys Playback Theater Group was founded in 2003 and has developed into one of the leading and leading professional groups in the country. Over the years, the group has become a registered association which has regretted its use of playback theater and improvisation as a tool for creating dialogue, empowerment and community action.


Playback theater and beyond ..

Our base is playback theater, but we use other theatrical tools as well - simulations, improvisation from circles of discourse and discussions, performances, tailor-made performances around your topic - content development, personal accompaniment and workshops for standing in front of an audience, courses and process motivation Of design thinking and the development of creativity  And more ..

What do you decide? According to the tool that will be most effective at your event!


What is important to us?

We have set ourselves three main goals: 

Improve the professionalism of educators, care and medicine through theatrical and creative tools, give a stage and empowerment to underprivileged populations, and promote the professional field of playback theater!


So how do you get into the picture?

You need professional development, team building, executive development, organizational change, training, assimilation of content that is very important for you to move forward! We have the tools to listen to you, and find the right theatrical tools to create interactive and effective creative events and processes that will make a difference!

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