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Professionalism in the worlds of welfare and care

Professional Training and Team Development

תיאטרון פלייבק החבר׳ה מאיכילוב הכשרה ופיתוח מקצועי

Training and professional development for therapists, nonprofits and community workers


You are the ones who are in the first line! You are the ones who encounter the most difficult personal stories in Israeli society every day. We know this because for more than eighteen years we have been hearing your stories from the field, and adore your  work !  


We believe that professional training and team development create constant renewal and prevent burnout. The good change seeps into the customers at the end of the day. The professional and organizational development we offer is based on interactivity and creativity and includes various tools such as - playback theater performances , simulation days , improvisation from discourse circles , content development , performances ,  Preparation for public speaking , developing creativity and innovation and more.

Here are some examples of inspiration from our work with clients who are focused on care, change and social action

The Central Training School for Social Workers- Dimol

Long collaboration with the staff at the Central School - playback performances, simulations and improvisation segments within professional courses for social workers  From all over the country 


School of Social Work - Ashkelon Academic College

Playback theater performance during a seminar for instructors in practical training


Beit Noam - Kiryat Ono

Long-standing cooperation. Playback theater performances for staff, performances for children and youth through alternative communication


Eckstein House

Workshops for staff in the central and northern region, playback theater show at the annual seminar in the field of autism


Kesher NPO

Workshops and playback theater performances for staff, participants of the Semesh program, and a playback theater performance at a community exposure event


Center for Assistance to Victims of Sexual Assault

Playback theater performances and workshops for instructors, volunteers and staff


Lotan Association

Playback theater performances during the annual Challenge Conference  In the Desert , for the instructors of the field care association 


Prime Minister's Office - Vahadrat Project

A playback theater show for the national service volunteers of the project


Ness Ziona Psychiatric Center

A playback theater show for the psychiatric staff including specialists and interns


The Association for Children at Risk

A playback theater show for the association's paramedical therapists, a workshop for managers


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