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Stage open to your stories

Presentation - a slightly different lecture

How It Works?

You have a goal: you want to convey theoretical material, a model, a lecture, an idea and it is important to you that it reaches the audience effectively. You want the audience to be involved, attentive and with you all the way.

We have the tool: lecture - a slightly different lecture! What is a killing at all? Lecture + presentation! Simply put, game pieces are incorporated throughout the lecture. The game pieces are built in collaboration with you and are focused on touching on the most complex and significant issues. Our gift to you is a living and responsive audience, and a process that causes your message to create change and drive a process.


תיאטרון פלייבק החבר׳ה מאיכילוב קופת חולים כללית

Lectures - Lecture + presentation

Examples from selected projects

Over the years we have chosen to specialize in working with professionals from the fields of education, health and welfare. In these areas we have discovered that professional knowledge is important​ , But the way the material is conveyed has a crucial impact on the quality of the audience's absorption and learning.


One of the wonderful tools for imparting meaningful content to professionals is a showdown. A lecture is simply a combination of lecture and presentation. In practice we combine forces with you or your professional. We read the theoretical material of the lecture and come up with ideas for short scenes that can be incorporated during the lecture. It is a process of content development. You join a joint rehearsal in which we present the passages, give feedback and in a joint process we polish the work until everyone is satisfied.

The scenes we incorporate in the execution can illustrate a professional principle or model and they can also reflect different scenarios aimed at provoking discussion in the audience in the context of the issue.


Additional use of the assassination, can also be indicated during a conference as part of a professional panel. The game segments will be integrated within the panel and will emphasize the significant content that the panel deals with. Speakers will be able to relate to the content presented in the game segments. In addition, the game pieces can give substance to the emerging theoretical content and bring a playful and creative emotional aspect into the event.

Because our actors are skilled in playback theater and working with stories, sometimes the client will choose to stage at the end of the show or before a single playback theater show . During the show the participants will share experiences from their lives in the context of the theme. In this way the theoretical material of the execution will connect to a deep personal and emotional experience. The professional lecturer will be able to connect to the stories that have come up and relate to them theoretically. When the show takes place at the end of the killing, the professional lecturer will be able to get feedback about the reverberations and stories that arose in the audience upon hearing the contents of the killing.

In the Corona period, we included all our tools and today they are all adapted for a virtual encounter .

Here are some examples from our field work

Prevention of sexual harassment in the workplace

A project that is being held in collaboration with a center  Assistance to Haifa and the North - integrated game segments as part of seminars at various organizations. Excerpts from the game were a trigger for a discussion during the assassination

Assimilation of healthy fund findings

Lecture project on psychogenicology in collaboration with Clalit Health Fund as part of conferences and seminars for gynecologists in all  The Land for Assimilating the Conclusions of a Healthy Foundation - For the Advancement of Women's Health in Israel

Dilemmas in the world of oncology

Project in collaboration with the Association for the Advancement of Oncology Nursing - Game segments combined with a panel of experts

Safety in care

Project in collaboration with the Ministry of Health as part of seminars for senior mental health officials - excerpts  Integrated play in analyzing events from the field 

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