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Playback theater acting and improvisation as a tool for personal and professional development

You have a goal: you want to do work on team development, you want to lead personal and professional creative development, you want to promote organizational change, you want to deliver theoretical material, model, lecture, content  And it's important to you that it reaches the audience effectively. You want the audience to be involved, attentive and with you all the way.

We have the tools: playback theater show , simulations , improvisation from discourse circles , integrated game segments during a lecture , content development , workshops and personal accompaniment for standing in front of an audience and for developing creativity and innovation , workshops and courses  At the Playback and Improvisation Theater. What do all the tools have in common? They are creative and effective, working with authentic voices from the field, striving for a different and refreshing interactive experience. One that stays ....

We work with all our tools also in a virtual meeting of course!


Tell us what your challenge is, what your goal is and we will show you how you can use Playback Theater acting and improvisation sessions as a tool for personal, professional and organizational development. We will offer you the tool that will work in the most effective way for you! Want samples? Take a peek below.

תיאטרון פלייבק החבר׳ה מאיכילוב מוצרים

Playback Theater The guys from Ichilov - the first conversation

So, how does it work?

You send us details in the form above and we will call you. In the conversation we will understand some of you-

A. What event is at stake? show? seminar? Simulation day? Training?

B. Who is the target audience? Who is your audience? Audience size, ages, characteristics, general subgroups and anything that will help us better understand and tune into your audience.

third. What is your goal at the event? What would you imagine would happen? What do you want to happen? Maybe you want your team to practice complex simulations and gain new insights? Maybe you feel that your team is worn out and needs space to express its experiences and strengthen team building? Maybe you want your audience to get practical tools for developing creativity?  

After we understand together what the event is, who is in the audience and what the purpose of the event is, we scan the various possible products and choose the tool that will work best for you!

After we have selected the tool, we will understand where the event takes place and we will send you a quote.


Playback theater and prices - so how is the quote determined? The price range at the Playback Theater, improvisation and simulations is varied and depends on a number of main factors - the number of staff required for the event, the duration of the event, and if necessary - the number of preliminary meetings and the number of hours required to develop content and materials. In addition to which of course distance also plays a role.


Order confirmation - after you confirm the quote, we can set off and get organized for your event!


One week before the event, the event facilitator will contact you to close final details, coordinate expectations, and flood questions or ideas.


On the day of the event, the staff will arrive at the venue about an hour before the start of the warm-up and organization activities. Then start the experience !!!

After the event , we will contact you and hear feedback from you. Your voice is important to us.

So ... come on ... send us a message and we'll start rolling!

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