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Playback Theater The guys from Ichilov

Recommendations -  Clients talk about working together

We love long-term collaborations. Our clients are professionals full of passion and vision who work to create positive change in Israeli society. We are partners in creating a more professional and humane public sector and in empowering underprivileged populations through the tools of playback theater and improvisation.

Here are some recommendations for playback shows , improvisation clips , simulation days and content development projects. Our dear clients tell us about working together

MTS Ichilov

"Dear playback guys from Ichilov, it's always a special pleasure to work with you!
You come with a smile of curiosity and professionalism, thorough and simply superb.
When a psychiatrist who claims that "there is no situation" that a player can reliably play a person in an attack admits at the end of a simulation during which he almost forgot that it is a player - it says it all ..
Hope for many more successful projects with you,
Thank you very much "

Neta For Eisenberg is the director of MTS - a technology and medical simulation center

Educational Institute through a Village

"I want to thank you for planning yesterday's meeting in Shlomi, it was extraordinarily exciting! The school staff experiences a rare experience: fullness, story and excitement alongside a place for fears of the future, dealing with responsibilities and more. The actors were stunning!

Thank you!!!"

Yonatan Shapira - Moderator

Clalit Health Services

"As part of the implementation of a healthy foundation procedure at gynecology conferences in the various districts of Clalit, we have created a collaboration with the 'Ichilov Guys Playback Theater.'

As part of the collaboration, the charming team: Tali, Dana and Erez showed readiness in the initial preparation meeting  Immediately engaged in the task in the most professional manner. 

The cast embodied the characters in a very professional and impressive way, managed to captivate the audience and create a real identification,  While paying attention to the emphases given to them during the preliminary preparation.

  Great fun working with such a professional, trusted and reliable provider.

Blessed is the power to continue doing blessed! "


Yelena Heitovich

Patient Experience Coordinator in the community

Lotan Association

"We were very happy to host you for the playback show that became a major and especially significant event at a conference dealing with therapeutic work in nature in the field ... 

The sweeping feedback received from all conference participants was amazing and consistent in the sense that your performance was the most accurate thing we could have wished for ourselves at the joint meeting point after the trips. This feedback is especially significant considering that it is about 160 men and women with diverse backgrounds, from the field professions, care, education and welfare. I wish we could have done more even after the trips with the teens on Lotan Road!

Thank you very much for the investment, professionalism and free flow with us. We enjoyed, challenged and learned from you! "

Dr. Tamir Rotman

Contact organization

Dear friends, Thank you very much, all of us in the Kesher organization, from the wider community that includes families and professionals, who participated in the second Kesher conference - "Kesher community - families and professionals see together", which took place in Tel Aviv, on January 23, 2014,  And were privileged to be partners in the wonderful processing you did for the content that came up in the workshops that took place during it.

This is an opportunity to say a big thank you and much appreciation, for the common way we do together, which has a lot of learning, appreciation, and amazement to meet with your professional abilities, sensibilities and great talent.

We very much hope to continue to leverage our joint efforts and develop it through a variety of channels. "

back'  Buki Kimchi


'I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart, on my behalf and on behalf of the club members  Natal's social-rehabilitation, for an amazing and extraordinary experience we had with you at our club, yesterday.

There is no doubt that the special atmosphere you have created  Which enabled the openness and sharing on the part of the club members, they brought together, an exciting and different experience for us.

NATAL Club members are people who were directly or indirectly harmed in terrorist or war incidents. The trauma they experienced causes various phenomena including avoidances, closures and more. In light of this, it is not clear what was made possible this evening. Who will give and multiply people like you!

With great hope for continued fruitful cooperation and with great congratulations "

Mrs. Hagit Buchbinder

ORT Adivi Ashkelon

"We've been experiencing the Ichilov Guys Playback Theater several times already, and it's an empowering and exciting experience. 

During the meetings with you we admire each time. You create an experience as if you were with us even in the pedagogical councils and illustrate it on stage in the deepest and best way possible.

The staff every time so re-connects!  Even though it's the end of the day, and even though they're exhausted, they come to the meeting and leave it excited and intensified as if it's 9 in the morning!

Straighten up! Thanks!"


Eliki Alkobi - Director of ORT Adivi Ashkelon 

Mitzpe Yam residence

'Thanks for the evening, it was lovely and beautiful.

The boys were very surprised by how many absorbed them, how many saw them, how many were in the center, heard their stories and even gave them a correction experience for some of their experiences. They reflected on things they did not even expect or see for themselves.

They really enjoyed it. They both laughed and got excited. And me too.

I wish you would come every week! '

Iris - Social

ORT Beit She'an Education Center

Dear guys from Ichilov,

You did in the show today a process of rehabilitation. Pick up something new. Something I've been dreaming about for 11 years. Do business ventures. Get teachers to believe that it is possible with their abilities and with our tools to do it.

You gave them the confidence you could. And it is possible otherwise.

You did it on a level, and I did not just fight to get you here.

I very much hope that you will be with us at least three times next year! '

Avi Roimi - Director of the ORT Beit She'an Education Center

Director of Community Gardens

We invited the 'guys from Ichilov' to a neighborhood show at the Jerusalem 'Nefeshot' week to raise awareness of the field of mental health in the community. We assumed that about 40 residents would come and mostly we were afraid and did not know how the issue would be received.  

To our surprise, more than 150 people came from the southwest of the city. Some came because they heard about the 'guys from Ichilov' and wanted to see their show and some because the subject is close to their hearts.  

The 'guys from Ichilov' led the evening and took us gently, step by step, into an unfamiliar world. They presented the stories with great sensitivity while respecting every participant who got up to tell his story. The audience drifted along with them to an exciting evening that touched on the psychic powers that exist in all of us.  It was just wonderful!

Hadas Zin

Community worker

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