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Professionalism in the healthcare system

Patient experience  - Development of empathy and  resilience

מופע תיאטרון פלייבק החבר׳ה מאיכילוב

Playback shows, improvisation, content development and lectures for patients, family members and staff

Playback theater performances , workshops and seminars are great tools for patients and family members. The creative processes increase the ability to cope with the medical condition, provide relief, support the accompanying family members, improve the patient experience and in some cases create a closer relationship with the medical staff. The community dimension that intensifies in each of the processes increases the resilience of patients and their families.  

Playback shows for patients and family members are a wonderful way to recognize the deepest needs of the people you help and support. Combining professional teams in such shows can allow a deep look at the patient experience. In this way, empathy development for patients occurs naturally and spontaneously as part of the process. Empathy development is an essential component in the professional development of medical teams .


Another way to empower and increase awareness of the patient experience is through tools such as content development and theatrical lectures . In one of the projects we are most proud of, we collaborated with the Ministry of Health, which led to a process of improving the patient experience in the public hospitals in the country. In preparation for a seminar held by the Ministry of Health on the subject, we were asked to create a small and focused presentation. We received materials from the Ministry of Health in the form of letters of complaint that reached the Ministry of Health. In the process of developing content, we took these materials and created from them a short show of about 20 minutes. The process included working together with a wonderful team from the Ministry of Health and included joint rehearsals for feedback and corrections. The show itself was presented at a national conference on "Patient Experience", after which hospital principals divided into discussion circles and discussed feelings and content that arose from the show and from there moved on to discuss practical suggestions for improving the topic in the field.

In another event, we collaborated with Clalit Healthcare training department to implement conclusions drawn from a survey conducted by Keren Briaa on women's health. We took the materials that emerged from the survey regarding the patient experience - the experience of women in the health system and created a number of scenes from them. The scenes were integrated into a professional lecture on psychogenicology. The lecture was part of a series of conferences held across the country for general doctors  in order to increase the sensitivity to the experience of women in this type of medical encounter. In this way, the theatrical lecture, contributed to the doctors' emotional involvement and helped the message resonate on a deep level.

Department of Crohn and Colitis Ichilov

Playback theater show for teenagers with Crohn's / Colitis  And their families

A show for liver transplant recipients at Ichilov Hospital

Playback theater show for patients after liver transplantation

Tishkofet Association

A playback theater show for terminally ill patients and their spouses

Tzeadim Association

A playback theater show for joint transplant recipients

Yad Sarah

A playback theater show for family members caring for elderly and sick parents

Ofek  for our children Association

A playback theater show for parents of visually impaired and blind children

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