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Professional development in the education system

The educator's work is full of dilemmas - how to run a class? How to be in good communication with parents? How to see in every student a full person? How to increase students' sense of belonging and security? How to develop a creative classroom climate?

The manager's job is also full of dilemmas - how to develop honest and safe communication?  How to produce a strong team ​ And cohesive? How to manage conflicts? How to lead in hotspots? How to develop innovation and creativity? Striving for professionalism in the education of creative work is particularly effective.

Through playback theater tools, simulations , short and unique plays , workshops , improvisation segments combined with discussions, discussion circles and presentation of works, we create a refreshing and creative space for the processes of professional development in the education system!  


We open a positive space for flooding dilemmas and difficulties, create effective peer learning, train educators with the tools of spontaneity  And standing in front of an audience,  Teach how to solve problems creatively and create a climate that encourages innovation.  

We love long-term relationships with our customers, and share with them a vision and a common mission: to develop a more professional and humane education system in Israel. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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Over the years we have taken part in the training and professional development of over 6,900 educators 

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