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The Playback Theater Blog 

The guys from Ichilov

Welcome to our blog! Come get tools and inspiration from the worlds of playback and improvisational theater!

How is playback and improvisation theater used as tools for organizational development ? What is Playback Theater ? How to increase your presence in front of an audience ? How do you work with simulations as a tool for professional development? How to create an interactive online zoom session? What is the connection between courage and creativity ? How can the tools of the Playback Theater and improvisation be used to summarize a year ? How can a meeting of conversation circles be turned into a lively and creative event? What is a hernia and how do you work with it? How do you develop creative thinking ? ​ What's Big Wednesday ? And what activities for teens will work really well for you too?

You will find the answers to these and many other questions right here ... Get the Playback Theater guys blog from Ichilov! Enjoy! 

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