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Stage open to your stories

 A workshop in a creative mind

How It Works?

You have a purpose: you want to convey theoretical material, a model, a lecture, important content to your staff or students. You want to convey the material in a living way that also involves the mind and their heart and action and not just the mind. You want them to be involved, practice and internalize the learning. You want a creative and different atmosphere, you want to use innovative teaching tools, you want to create an experience of a learning community. You want to see learning lead to change in the field.

We have the tool: Workshops in a creative mind that are built in collaboration with you. You bring the professional focus of your content world, and our team brings attentive guidance and a variety of theatrical tools.  


  Our gift - an effective and unforgettable learning experience.  

תיאטרון פלייבק החבר׳ה מאיכילוב

Workshop seminar

Examples from selected projects

Dealing with violence in the medical field

Eight-hour workshop seminars in collaboration with the Scheinborn School of Nursing - the days combine a playback theater show, a group simulation workshop, personal training stations, a forum theater   And a rolling scenario

Dilemmas in the care of the elderly in a state of neglect and risk

Eight-hour workshop seminars in collaboration  Scheinborn Nursing School - the days combine a playback theater show, a simulation workshop, role-playing at current events, improvisation from discussion circles

Development of educational staff

Four-hour workshop seminars in collaboration with the Derech Kfar Education Institute for staff in educational villages throughout the country - the days combine a playback theater show, simulations and improvisation clips from discussion circles. The days focus on various topics such as - completing parental authority, from discipline to meaning, building a community and creating a quality dialogue 

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